About Indian Matters!

Indian Matters is abbreviated as 'IM' which signifies the feeling of 'I AM', i.e. a feeling of self-respect and worth in every individual. That's what IM look to transcend across every Indian, that feeling of pride. So every time we say IM, that would also mean 'I AM', that would mean 'I Matter', that an 'Indian Matter' and that's why India Matters.

IM is all about bringing in some positive developments in a country which in spite of having a booming economy is largely engulfed by adversity. Be it poverty, corruption, poor infrastructure, rising social unrest, lack of food and education, rising natural calamities with deteriorating ecological balance, India has unfortunately registered high on these. Hence it is our aim to build a platform to draw common voices at one level. It becomes our responsibility to not just put forward matters of concern to every Indian, but also try and pave the way forward to make an impact.

Let us bring in the attitude of IM. Indian Matters!!