About Indian Matters (IM)

Indian Matters is a registered civil society organisation working to bring out Indian matters by giving voice to our citizens.

Why call it IM?
'IM' as it sounds like 'I am' signifies a feeling of being someone - with dignity, self-respect, self-worth and pride in every individual. That's what IM looks to transcend across every Indian. Thus, IM means 'I Matter', that an 'Indian Matter' and that's how India Matters.

Make India Better, Take India forward.

1. Promoting National Integration.
2. Fostering National Development.
3. Bringing political accountability in the system.
4. Creating awareness in respect of social, regional or national issues and promoting intellectual development of society, at large.

Political Accountability
Bridging the disconnect between politicians & accountability

What is the agenda?
The aim is to bring accountability in the Indian political system. This in turn means the intention is to make the Members of Legislative Assembly (State assembly constituencies winners) and Members of Parliament (Leaders at the Centre) accountable to their work.

The idea is also to ensure that democracy functions more like a democracy by opening an outlet for people's voices, giving them a chance to come out with their needs and demands in an organized manner so as to ensure that political parties pre-polls manifestos are true to its people. The aim is to make sure candidates & parties don't only come out with manifestos but detailed implementation plans while also identifying the position holders who would be accountable for implementation. Periodic auditing should also be done so as to ensure whether the elected party is delivering on the promises made in their manifestos.

This idea is also to facilitate Indian citizens to take their electoral decisions in a more objective manner based on the political party's manifestos, implementation plans and their previous performances.

IM's aim is to make people aware about the political parties approach, as to whether they are just wooing people by playing caste and religion politics, or whether they have a development agenda that is broad based.

How we wish to do so?
The idea is to create a long and strong network in our society that observes this evolution in their mental approach to the entire concept of democracy and play a greater role in government's decision making. The greater role will be played by involving masses to come up with their needs, wants and plans of development within their region by putting these up on a public forum and opening them to discussions among the people. Certain appointed people from the same constituency (locality/region) will be involved in critically analyzing them to identify, prioritize and place identified demands in the form of a draft to be presented to the political parties. These drafts will then act as a way for political parties to create their manifestos accordingly and to come up with their implementation plans and accountability information. These manifestos and plans will be further studied in depth to come up with simplified analysis to present them to Indian masses in layman terms.

Simplified downloadable reports will also be provided to citizens to objectively assess performance of your MLA & MP.

Learn more and become part of the network that will enforce political accountability and see India better and make Indians matter!
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