December 16, 2010 at 8:56 pm

As long as we are alive, matter(s) would remain associated to us. My body is a matter, a form which experiences different weathers and circumstances. The events around are also matters which inadvertently play their role in our lives. Our responses to these events also become matters, big or small, which in turn make an impact on others creating a multiplier effect. And the way we respond to matters decides the value we create of our own. It determines how much we matter. That's why the relevance of the word ‘matter’ is so prominently embedded in everyone’s life and this is what needs to be addressed here. We are going to address the matters so that our responses to those do value addition to our lives.

While there is no dearth of matters, what we need to pick and focus on are those which directly or indirectly influence us. What is the government's public policy? How are our interests being compromised? In which government school the teachers are unconcerned about the education about our children and how to actually fix them? How sports is helping India stay united? Which sector of the economy is growing? Is India making progress in education and improving on employment? Does some generic Indian mentality and approach needs to be reconsidered? How as humans can we better our lives, reinvigorate our energies to achieve better results? Looking for motivation?? Come home to IM’s home page, and read through inspirational quotes. Access the eye opening articles under Eye Opener and IM’s messages to you directly under Message to the Nation section. Move straight to Jubilant India for some pleasure filled piece of news and feel the elation within you. Unveiled highlights issues not given their due visibility or otherwise not being covered by the media but of relevance. Discuss matters under Talk About It, put your views across and support those issues for community action.

Let us make this the largest democracy's largest and most efficient & influential forum, unlike our government’s operations. We look to not just talk, but to act and also use the information to change ourselves and the community for better.

So stretch forward to find out the real 'I am' attitude in you. No, it's not a 'give no damn' outlook in life, rather it’s feeling, believing and exuberating confidence; and realizing respect for yourself in your own and others eyes. Lets keep going ahead with our lives in a more satisfying and successful way.

Source: Indian Matters!


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