Democracy's DAY - Citizen's Day - The D Day

December 16, 2010 at 10:15 pm

Article written at the time of 2009 general elections.

The other day, I went to cast my vote. As I write this the polling's last phase is yet to be get done with and the fateful day of 16th May is not too far away. But I'm done with my part. The first time in my life. I went to a school where polling was on. The school is not unknown to me. I studied there right from class 1 to 12th. And many-many years after moving out of that very school which formed my basis and played a major role in forming a kind of character that I'm today and imparted all that education, I was here again. Now for another reason of relevance to me.

It's a one-off thing in 5 years, most times. I believe there is one peculiar thing about the whole process. It's that this is probably one place where you might feel happy to see a longer queue or at least a queue in place than you would otherwise ever do. After all it's a good thing, for this shows how much faith the people show in the democratic system of our nation. In my case, it was a reasonably long queue. I'd to wait for about 30 minutes to cast my own. A man who joined behind me received a call on his phone which seemed to give an impression that he had to meet someone real soon but he made this statement," Oh! You'll be leaving soon. I'm standing in queue at the polling booth. It'll take at least half an hour before I have my turn". It was a happy feeling listening to this very communication he made to the person at the other end. In today's world when every one is just running around with it's business and won't stand in unless it's mandatory, he exemplified "a responsible Indian citizen". To show the will to stand in that long, that's quite impressive.

As I stood there waiting for my turn to come, I actually was not waiting for it. I was rather into a deep state of confusion. I was deeply engraved into the thought of finding out the best pick to run the nation. The confusion wasn't the result of lack of knowledge, but the fact that we don't even have one eyed king among the blind. Everyone just knows to play political games and concentrate more on to respond to what other have to say then to work on it's own ideas & implementation. Moreover, none of them really works on framing ideas for the betterment of the country but to pull both the legs of their opponents to not to leave any stone unturned. The two national parties - Congress and BJP - or any other, for me brings in a feeling of hatred for them for what they have done to us. Don't you feel so? I don't think we need to discuss these two much, we should be aware of how they go about the business. Wrong doing forms the basis of their ideology, they are master in it and they are at the helm of the things. Corruption starts with them.

Forget it! Forget them! They are not the ones really who deserve much of discussion. Coming back to original point of discussion - Before I went in to caste my vote, my idea was to cast a void vote, a null vote, a vote in favor of none of these for that they don't deserve that. As I stood there, my confusion was that whether we'll actually have that option in there or not. I expected that to be the case. Things are not implemented in India the way they're to be. And I was just trying to find out that just in case I don't find the option, who will I turn for? When I got there, I found that now that button evaded me and put me in a bemused state. Finally I did that which was a hard thing to do. I pressed the button for Congress, and it really hurt. After all that they'd done in this 5 year tenure, I still had to push the button for them. I voted for them for not that congress is the right choice, but for no choice. I was feeling so low and bad about it. This was not the feeling I should have got after I casted my first ever. I missed that excitement which should have been there. I couldn't have been any more pleased even had I gone for BJP. I would have been equally disappointed. Later that evening, my pain grew as I came to know that the congress leader from our district is the transport mafia. His daughter is married to a guy who got married when he was in 12th and this guy on the same afternoon performed a scary act for the public by running on the road on his car with a microphone in hand and frightened the local public to rush in their homes. This was ridiculous! It's too much to take. Come on. Come on! :-(

I wish I could have done something better today. I hope I can bring about a difference tomorrow. It can't just be me. It has to be all of you, like minded Indians who can change things. Can we do this? Can we change this tradition of being silent spectators? High time, letís decide what we are going to do. Letís spread the message and bring everyone on. We will also discuss this on ĎTalk About Ití, our discussion medium. This issue will remain open for decent amount of time to get some concrete stuff out of them and conclude in a powerful manner.

All of you have now got a task to take it forward. The word of mouth is IM's way of making people aware. It's the strongest medium even in this high technology world. It's your responsibility to discuss everything amongst those you know and to make as many people aware and involved to think about what can be done to help us be governed better. Tell everyone to come there on ĎTalk About Ití. You can make a difference. After all, every one matters. You matter. Indians Matter! That's why, India Matters!

Source: Indian Matters!


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