Progress in life without guilt

December 17, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Progress should be the way of life. Every individual must, in all earnest, try to progress physically, mentally, emotionally, materially and spiritually. You can continue to move up the ladder of success if you are conscious of the step you take each time. There are 2 important things to be kept in mind. First is that you should accept what you are and not unnecessarily bother about what you are not. Second is that there is always a room for improvement in you.

Accepting yourself doesn't mean that you sit pretty and become satisfied with whatever you are. It in fact means that you do a SWOT* analysis of yourself and match to it the appropriate path to progress and work upon it. Remember, you are a human being and thus are bound to make mistakes. Accept your mistakes, feel sorry, forgive yourself, act on them and do the best you can not to commit them again. You should know that one life time is not enough to make all the mistakes and correct them. So the better way forward is to learn from another and impart the benefits to your own.

Realize your needs and wants - they are important. Until you fulfill your own needs and wants, you can't think of others' woes and worries. If you yourself are dissatisfied and found wanting, you cannot help others get over their troubles. So, try to fulfill your needs in an honest and befitting manner by making a concerted effort to follow the path set by you.

There is nothing awry to be aspiring to be a millionaire if your path to progress is right. If you have millions, and are human at heart, you can do a million wonders. You can be a better tool for social change and do the needful for the needy and the hopeless. You must remember to give back to the society as you get everything from it. It never goes waste. In turn, it gives to you what you need the most for your journey towards oneness with your soul - peace and happiness. There cannot be a better deal.

*strength, weakness, opportunity, threat

Shilpi Sharma
Masters in Human Rights, Masters in Commerce, Diploma in Business Management


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