Speak up- kaho, bolo, say it

December 27, 2010 at 8:23 pm

To speak is to be able to express one self. Speech is an expression for transfer of thoughts and ideas within one's brain or between different individuals. Most of us don't shy away from using it but most do succeed to fail in understanding the need of two of its important components: Speaking within - Introspection; and Speaking Out - one's thoughts and opinions.

The idea here to bring up this issue is to propel each one of you to 'speak within', with your own 'self' and to take control of your thoughts & your mind and save your brain from going down the drain. The fact is that humans are born without ideology and that they form opinions influenced by the environment they are brought up in. In most situations, this environment is not appropriate to grow an individual into a mature being who can be in full control of its mind. Resultantly, few individuals manage to take control over their thoughts and be mature enough to give themselves time everyday to scrutinize them into right and wrong.

It's difficult to be impregnable to the negative thoughts or to curb the flow of negativity in human beings, as the spiritual gurus say. Today, man is a lot closer to the external world than himself. He knows very little about himself and when a general interview type question is asked "to tell about your self', finds it difficult. Well, it's supposed to be the easiest question to answer but you can not. Think about it! You lose your ability to think rationally. This inhibits the individual we are talking about to prosper as a Human, as a social being and loses out everywhere including the professional space. Loses out doesn't say that you fail to take care of all the ever rising needs, but that the rate of growth is inhibited because of lack of transparency of thought and the space taken away by the corruption prevailing in brain. And then, who lives are not purely you! Taking in account a hi-fi scenario, what do you think the perpetrators are a result of? A very recent example of people who were the heaviest hit because they never 'Spoke within' are probably those cursed terrorists who struck Mumbai and brutally took away hundreds of lives. It takes 'something' to change a human from the innocence of a new born to a nasty being and what we discussed is what that 'something' is! IM wish this talk frames the path of self realization for the need to 'Speak within', to your 'inner self' for 'self-realization'. People must track down on this and they'll get to realize the path they are driving on and where it will take them.

A lot of people also have the tendency to deliberately stop the process of introspection or worse, doesn't effect the actions recognized to be taken as a result of introspection. They seem to be trying to live in a comfort zone and avoid breaking out of the cycle. Though, they don't realize that the ultimate comfort would come only by breaking out of this vicious circle and doing what their conscience tells them to do. Only when you take control of this, can you imagine being a leader of your own self. The one who has the authority and control over his/her own self are the ones who live with internal self-respect and self satisfaction. That's how you feel I am. That's how you feel I M. Only these people then go on to become leaders who lead by example be it in social or professional arena and go on to be a winner in every sphere of life. May be, it might be difficult after so long to suddenly push yourself off this cycle, but at least an attempt can be made. After all, this life is a precious journey and should be lived traveling the most satisfying path. 'Speaking within' is a prevention mechanism to avoid the fall out from the 'real life'.

Time comes when the people who never took care to introspect become demons or they become too weak and that starts hampering others lives. They become a scourge to difficult to deal with. And when this starts happening around you it becomes imperative to 'Speak Out'. Otherwise it brings unease in one's life. Looking at issues which have wider scope and larger impact on us, those anti-social issues that are against the survival of Humanity like illegal acts, corruption, ruthless killings, rape and all those umpteen kinds of inhuman acts; they have a direct bearing on us. But what we tend to do is hope not to be caught amongst any of these. Nobody raises the bar to check this. And if this individual is not lucky enough, he/she is beleaguered by those issues to crumble.

The main point which leads to this kind of a behavior seems to be that there are more than 1.2 billion+ people here and there so and so million such cases, and whether one is good in math's or not, they would definitely say that the probability of this hampering me is 1 in 10k or so. And even when someone wants to do something about this, they leave things as they are considering that their effort would not be substantial in a world of billions. Just because of the existence of billion others like us, we must not forget the difference we can! Moreover, we cannot leave life to stink. And one thing must be remembered - what goes around comes back and traps us!! It may well happen that next time those people who moved ahead without giving a fight would not be around (alive) to witness the insensibility. And then again, next set of people are queued to take the beating. The cycle of life goes on. Samay kabhi nahi thamta, aur na he kabhi thamega. [Time never stops, and neither will it ever].

Man often says the only constant of life is change. It is not just to say but we need to believe it or realize it. Change is indeed inevitable! We need to ponder over to choose the right path and use our mental and verbal faculties to bring about that positive and most urgently needed change in our lives. People have dried out, have forgotten to speak out! Unfortunate! Is it always going to be so? Speak outtttt. Speak up against child marriage, an early marriage results high maternal and child mortality rate and is a cause of malnutrition and stunted growth. Speak up for Right to Education, it just don't create employment for the individuals, it creates consciousness of lifestyle, culture, ethics, population control, crime control, foot space, environment friendly…..etc etc. Take actions on this, act on that, speak up for this and make people aware of that. Come on….., Speak Out persistently to move and make move everyone in the righteous way ahead.

'Speak within' to break all the impediments and 'speak out'!

Source: Indian Matters!


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