'Get us the World Cup, make us proud', says India

March 10, 2011 at 02:13 am

Its has been difficult to get our hands on to the tickets of matches involving India, while on the other hand, BCCI has struggled to keep the spirit of the World Cup alive because of stadiums remaining largely empty for non-India fixtures. In essence, we can safely deduce that Cricket is not in itself a driving force for us to keep our eyes glued to it. It in fact is about INDIA + CRICKET! It is about our want to see India do well at the world stage, to show to the world that we are growing powerful and to celebrate one spirit all together. It's the splurge of energy and passion that it brings along which involves India together. We can put all these aspects under one umbrella of Nationalism and National pride. Yes, that's what keeps us going. With national pride comes our very own, very satisfying personal pride and happiness and confidence to keep our head held high. This is why India keeps saying, "Get us the World Cup, make us proud'..

So this is what Cricket is to India. This is what keeps people coming from different demographics with different religions, cultures and languages together and understand and respect each other. That's the spirit of cricket, that's the big role it has played over the years, the role of keeping India knitted closely together. We hope to follow the trend forever. But do we here also need to look between the lines?

Think outside the domain of cricket and ponder over our actions, our outlook and the lack of intent we have shown to pro-actively involve ourselves in dealing with matters (social, communal, national,..) that needs our efforts, care and attention. Why have we not managed to move a little out of comfort zone to back matters we believe in? Why have we not carried the vigour and the enthusiasm to push us forward and make ourselves and India proud at the world stage?

Think and tell people here that yes, you want to make India a better place to live in thus making your own lives better. Remove all inhibitions, scratch your head and discuss those thoughts here and make people involved to mobilise thoughts and shrug-off all apprehensions once for all.

May India win this Cricket world cup, but Indians, please look to win us some of the other World Cups too. Think good, think smart! Take India forward.

Source: Indian Matters!


  • IM wrote:

    Speak out here on what you wanted to push for but never did either because you showed 'चलता है, कुछ फर्क नहीं पड़ता' (it's ok, nothing will change) attitude or otherwise never found a way to deal with it.

  • Chitz wrote:

    This article is not only about India winning this world cup or not!!!!! Cricket is a game and doesn't matter who ll win but important point is this game is above all religion, diversities and politics...... so imp point here is how we can carry this attitude(unite India) even after this world cup for well being of our country, to stop bloody corruption and all other reforms which is a necessity in present scenario. We can involve this attitude of Indians to Evolve New India........

  • IM wrote:

    We surely are not going to sit back. Yes, we are going to play our role to fight corruption in every walk of Indians lives. We are here to plan, and we need your involvement too to make plans...But then, we need your involvement to implement those too. Will INDIANS wake up?

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