Commercialization of Education

July 04, 2011 at 21:40 pm

Indian cultural history is said to be richest in the world. Teachers were given the status of God and worshipped by their students. The relationship between teachers and students is very beautifully described in our cultural history.

Teachers are called Gurus in India. Ideally, Guru is the one who lightens the path in darkness of life. He is responsible for overall development of his disciples. He educates students in all aspects of life, be it academics, sports, moral education, social education or spiritual. He moulds his disciples into disciplined personalities and instils them with a lot of positivity. He is the one to whom a student can surrender his/her entire life. This obviously means that India has had the presence of such great Gurus like Sandeepni (Guru of Lord Krishna), Dronacharya (Guru of Pandavas), Ramkrishna Paramhansa (Guru of Swami Vivekananda), etc. Thus, their disciples were also devoted towards them.

But with changing times, teaching has predominantly changed to a money making business and teachers in a way have changed to cheaters. One can see that the transition from the word teacher to a cheater is merely a rearrangement of words. Is this just a coincidence? It may or may not be. But a lot larger proportion of teachers today are too focussed on monetary part involved in the profession. Monetary in itself is not bad, what's wrong is the approach to get it. They are hardly bothered about the future of their students. As a result, the land of great Gurus has turned into land of fraud teachers.

The teachers collect huge amounts of money from students in the name of giving coaching for IIT/JEE, GATE, CAT, etc. But they provide nothing really to students. The biggest example was running of a fake institute in IIT Kharagpur by one of its own teacher, Professor Amit Kumar Ghose. Nowadays, tuitions have become a trend. Such teachers teach nothing in school and make it an obligation for students to take tuitions from them, whether they can afford it or not. This has led to mushrooming of dummy schools where principles of schools are given commission by teachers for following this shameful practice. These teachers or I should say cheaters also help students in cheating during exams by taking bribes from them. They also make money by making it an obligation on students to buy the books which they have referred because in return they get commission from the publishers. The trend is rapidly increasing from small cities like Pathankot (my city in Punjab) to education hubs like Delhi. This practice is spoiling future of many brilliant students.

But one thing that needs to be understood here is that teachers themselves alone are not responsible for such dissolution of our education system. Teachers and parents have an equal role to play here. It's the parents' responsibility to look into whether their ward genuinely is need of extra guidance in the form of coaching classes or whether that is in a way made a compulsion by the professor. Especially in those cases where a teacher in school and the one for coaching class is same, it's a very transparent signal to get suspicious. In fact, it's the parent's responsibility to make their child conscious about such trends in advance so that these scenarios, as they arise, can be countered.

Recently, a scam surfaced of 3 people making fake caste certificates and illegally guiding students' selection in Delhi University's different institutes by charging Rs. 3 - 5 lakhs per seat. All the discussions we had, this included goes to show the kind of pro-activeness HRD ministry has to show to monitor and keep in check scrupulous activities while at the same time fostering the process of improvement in the Indian Education system.

Taking into consideration all that's discussed, it can well be said that in an urgency of minting money, Indians are losing their moral values and respect for their esteemed culture. We should not encourage such malpractices and in fact, work to bring to light such issues so that only the real Gurus are respected and allowed to function.

Divya Gupta

Source: EklavyaJEE06 | The Hindu


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