Suppressed, Silent, Starved

July 25, 2011 at 10:31 pm

India - an ancient country and home to one of the world's oldest civilizations. Do you know what does civilization mean? It means a society in an advanced stage of social development. So what did happen to India? What inconspicuous events affected us so much that from being one of the oldest developing civilizations (Egyptian is said to be the oldest) have still confided ourselves to being a 3rd world country at the end of 1st decade of the 21st century?

All these years, several events unfurled. Hindustan was a land of riches but with several divided kingdom running separately. Babur was the first one to eye this opportunity in around 1550 to gain control over enormous wealth and this started over 300 years of rule by the Mughal Empire until in 1858, the British Raj took over completely on what started as 'East India Company', typically a trade company from England. Then it again went on till 1947 when we got complete independence from the British. Living under one rule or another for 400 odd years at a stretch is what happened to India. It seriously dented the Indian mindset and uprooted us of all the wealth we had. This is exactly what this picture talks about...

This image talks about people of an India whose citizens are left impoverished and suppressed. Financially ransacked for hundreds of years until 1947 and deprived of their voice, India needed a great set of leaders and politicians and system in place which could, very importantly, have helped its people feel a long lost self respect. But what followed was an absolute disaster. Independence didn't quite bring freedom alongside it. Precisely speaking, this image seems to suggest following different pictures:

  1. Suppressed: Voice of the people has been suppressed and the freedom of expression has been forcibly taken away.
  2. Silent: Impeding our growth and development by confining ourselves with what we have and be satisfied with how we live.
  3. Starved: People are forced to live in the absence of access to basic amenities. Lack of livelihood or employment opportunities and absence of self reliance.
All of these are now discussed in greater detail.

1) Suppressed Indian Society
It's said that one of the best advantages of democratic structure of governance is that the voices of an average citizen gets heard. But this is precisely what has not been happening for us. Our voices are in fact time to time suppressed. Fundamental rights like Right to Freedom & Right to Expression are suppressed by the use of power, force or fear.

This is something which has been done in one way or other both by the government in particular and people in general. Even if we consider the Lokpal bill which, in essence, is required to place a representative of civil society which can carry out communication with the government. This bill was first introduced and passed by the lok sabha in the year 1968 and in spite of having been introduced 9 times in Rajya Sabha, never got their nod. It needs to be noted that we have been continually ignored to get this basic right to question corruption prevalent in the government system. The recently started fight against corruption to get the bill passed has already seen so much of ridicule and efforts to suppress this struggle. People in India have stood up in numbers to voice their opinion on need to bring a constitutional upgrade.

In the Indian society also, suppression of people on the basis of their class, gender etc is well prevalent. In India, we often talk about the need for women empowerment. That's precisely because women have in the past have faced the ire of the generic Indian mentality and have often been neglected or crushed. That is why until today we are doing promotions to save killing of a girl child. Women have also been backed by numerous laws to provide the strength of law to her. Similarly, issues like 'untouchables' still exist in the backward Indian society.

Suppression is clearly signified in the image with hands folded together with a piece of cloth tide around. This is one impediment which needs a time to time breakthrough to clear us of this menace both at the society and governmental level.

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