26th January, 2011 - The Beginning

January 31, 2011 at 10:05 pm

1st Campaign ever in India - Started with India Gate and Connaught Place in New Delhi

The concept was conceived quite some time back before it came into being. It underwent a lot of 'in the air talks' which at that point in time didn't quite look materialising. Most would not have given it a chance in the beginning. But everything goes through an evolution, a change. This is what IM went through to reach where it has today. A persistent effort and the right kind of people coming together is what helped it evolve. But it has a long long long way to go to reach anywhere near what IM is actually set out to do. This is Indian Matters - a movement in the making. But the point is will you make it happen?? All depends on you. And remember, these are not just talks on a social medium. It is some real on ground work with web as a medium to unite & motivate us. We will develop with you and for you.

1st campaign started in N. Delhi, 26th Jan 2011. On a day when people turned out after watching the Republic day parade, they were obviously feeling that Nationalism within. And we were there, to beckon them to join the movement for change. We approached the more educated looking people with a pamphlet to help them put things in perspective. Many people said that they approached the right people since they were also working on social development. There were many people who were so enthusiastic to come back and take IM forward, for they would have loved to see India grow because of them too. There were a few others which didn't really care much about it and moved on without caring. It all started on this day.

The IM people out there were an enthusiastic lot motivated to get the message across and get people involved. They found there was a lot they learned in this effort and understood some Dos and Don'ts. In the days that followed, we analysed the campaign and found that very few of quite a few enthusiastic people out there actually turned up on the website. The passion probably simply vanished and all words exchanged were lost. Life is such that people forget too easily. Though they would have partially understood what it was all about and why is it so important, they perhaps never came back to see it to believe it and understand it. They lost it out somewhere. All efforts made by IM went down the drain. There is a growing need to take control of these things early and get it across to people and get them involved early enough to make the foundation stronger.

We'll work to nurture the seed of 'thought' and water the plant of 'efforts' among the Indians. We, Indians, will some day be happy to see India flourish the way we have always desired it to. IM is no one else but you. All of you are IM, because all of you matter. And IM means that an Indian Matters. Taken everyone together, Indian Matters!


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