1st Campaign of Chandigarh

February 24, 2011 at 10:56 pm

19th-20th Feb, Chandigarh: Indian Matters arrived in the city beautiful, Chandigarh for the first time to spread the word - IM. It introduced itself by participating in the Panjab University fest called Goonj, held in University Institute of Engineering & Technology. We initially thought it was not a good idea to bring forth something of this sort to the students in a festive mood, but by the end of it we were happier since we found them in good numbers. The event saw around 10 stalls which wooed students with games, tattoo design events and even gave away free movie tickets. Much to our delight we still managed to be among the more frequented stalls.

Students, who came not only from Chandigarh but also from other parts of Punjab like Ropar, Hoshiarpur were quite inquisitive and showed willingness to work in a set up which will not only bring in experiential learning, but also have a direct or indirect influence on the community development. This made us feel even more responsible to work harder and carve out such work plans which hopefully will bring good results and motivate the students to stay associated and work better with IM for an all round development of Indians, and hence of their own self too.

The presentation part which was to be held at 3 pm was pushed back to 5 pm due to circumstances that unfurled there and it had to be taken in less than acceptable scenario. It was still an experience for IM to learn from. In future, we may choose a less festive an occasion for presentations. Nonetheless, we expect the participants would have got the basic message across and will make an effort to understand it themselves and then explore the opportunity to shoulder responsibility with us. The message should go to them that this is as much about their efforts as much as it is about ours.

We hope that our efforts never go in vain and we end up connecting with more souls than we have anticipated.

Message for Chandigarh,"We look forward to more such community connect interactions with you".

Message for the Rest of India, "We are coming. We need you to reach us to help us reach you."

Indian Matters!


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