Management students with a difference

August 15, 2011 at 00:05 am

On the eve of the Independence Day, students from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar have taken up an initiative - to make an effort to facilitate the process of change in the lives of the slum dwellers.

Students from Rural Management course of XIMB visited a slum area named Adarsh Basti of Bhubaneswar and listened to their story of deprivation. Krishna Chandra Daulai, the president representing the slum told how they were forced to be relocated by a leading local party from their originally inhabited area where over 150 families lived. They were promised to be provided with pakka houses in a place close to their rehabilitated center, and each family was made to pay Rs. 200 each, that too thrice in the name of necessary documentation required for allotment to new homes. But all that as it turned out to be just a lip service.

Today, they don't have access to water, sanitation, electricity, proper shelter and food. In short, there is absence of human life in spite of presence of living and breathing humans. One of the students, Varun, who is a part of this initiative said, "It was gloomy at the thought on what we had to see. I felt extremely privileged to have been born in a family where I had access to good respectable living conditions, good family support and a life to live. I shuddered to even wonder how they survive the months of extreme heat in those huts and in times when there is so much rain that their homes can easily get washed away. I want to see things change in this huge country living in adversity, not just this basti."

Initially, these students thought of reaching out to BMC (Bhubaneswar Municipality Corporation) to talk to the Mayor and to know why things have not moved as promised, but they could not meet the mayor as he was away on some official duty. Now, the students are planning to at least once have a word with the Mayor on the issue and if possible, push it forward. But one thing that they have planned to do is to contribute to their cause by morally supporting them and arranging a health camp for them. They said they have many more things planned like donating the slums children books, clothes, etc, whichever be possible for them to arrange for. For the events they are doing, they began raising funds today by making cards with the help of slum children which could be put in an envelope, stamped and be posted to buyer's friends, family etc. in any part of the country.

It started as a classroom project for them but after the first meeting itself, they felt the need to go beyond the thought of working on a project for marks. These are our Rural management students, i.e., managers with a human face attached to them. Still not everyone connect as well and many people pursue the program only for a decent job but we sincerely hope these students and many others help turn India into a new and a better developed India. Hope someday Indians get to live life like humans, a more dignified life.

May someday every Indian can say this with proud, that I matter. That's when we'll say - Indian Matters

Jai Hind!


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