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To know all about the reason to work and the different profiles who can come together to work on one of the most crucial things, read further.

The most crucial factor that can lead to a success or a failure is people. We need a large number of mobilized masses and at the same time need to see them at a common platform. This means that while we need to connect a lot of people and make them aware of this, we also need to see them together on the same place pushing for more or less rationally homogenized demands agreed upon. Managing to do so will lead to two things. First is that it will not only draw the attention of the political parties, but also push them to give it enough respect due to the enormity of backing these citizen drafted documents will have. Second is that it will ensure that these citizen owned documents are drawn rationally to keep peoples developmental interests in focus so as to keep them together to push for reforms.

What will have to be done?
We need people who draw social marketing plans and take up their implementation too to reach deeper into the society by creating networks both online and offline. This means that we need to devise ways to spread the network fiercely over the world of web through social networking sites and emails. At the same time, we also need to spread by doing activities on ground through 'word of mouth'. People will have to be made aware about the platform to come out with the problems faced in their locality/district/state/nation and suggestions on how those problems could be addressed which will then be taken as the basis to develop drafts to be given to the political parties well before electoral polls so that they can study them, develop their manifesto based on those and come out with their implementation plan for the same. We will also demand to know what 'position' holders will be deemed responsible and accountable for the success or failure of those projects.

Who will work upon these?
The people of India, be it students, working men & women - can take up any or multiple roles to ensure we derive success. Those people who while working on their own set of things - be it academics, or be it their jobs - have a sense of understanding what a democracy is and hence what is their responsibility. While a democracy is To the people, For the people, it also is By the people, i.e., a national of a democratic country has a duty in how a democracy functions, how a government functions, what a government does and how it does it? Thus, all those people, whether students or working, old or young have to take up ownership in some of the tasks and work together. This is because beyond your job, your other job is to work to create a better living environment for your own self and for others around you. This is why it is our collective responsibility to ensure we work on this and do so with a lot of interest.

Social Marketing Team
One of the most critical components is ensuring that there is a massive network of citizens connected to us, regularly updated about our work and motivated so as to persist with us.

People Managers Team
For managing a huge network, we also need network managers, i.e., people managers. You'll be required to communicate with the members who are working in teams on different areas. A few set of people will be identified and put under your umbrella to ensure that anyone in your network, when faced with an issue, can look up to you as a touch point. Your role is also that of conflict prevention and management. At the same time, communicating with your network on their ideas, thoughts, views of how we should go about and discussing or forwarding them further up will further help in IM's smooth and productive functioning. People in your network may also be required to send their deliverables to you.

Editor: This role involves evaluating and selecting content for publication. The responsibility includes reviewing, rewriting and editing the work of writers. It also involves offering comments to writers to improve the work and suggesting possible titles to the articles.
Writer: This role involves writing articles on various categories of Indian matters, like social, national, etc. The responsibility includes proposing articles on which to write on, gathering information about the topic, selecting and organizing the material gathered, using the written words to express ideas, thoughts and emotions & to convey information; proof reading articles. To know more and apply, Click here.

Web Development Team
Under the Web development component, you'll be required to work as a Website developer to work on different modules. We look forward to provide a high on usability & most interactive interface for 0.1 billion unique Indian users in next couple of years so that we can connect with the Indian citizens in real sense.

Graphics & Media Development Team
Under the graphics & media development, one can work as an Animation developer so as to depict various scenarios in the form of animated images or videos. You can also work as an Image developer for making brochure designs, images for articles and banners. Working as a Videographer, you can play an important role of making videos on different issues to reach out with your perspective to wider Indian audience and that's what is important - to mobilize people.

Web Management Team
The team will be required to take care of managing content on the website and taking responsibility of the content to be in sync with our nation building ideology. Uploading data, articles on the website, checking for the quality, and moderating citizen's messages is what is required to be done.

State coordinators
All the tasks taken up by all the teams will have to be coordinated by state coordinators. The initiatives may have to be adapted to meet state specific requirements. The coordinators will draw state specific goals and create plans for their implementation. State coordinators (SCs) will be required to involve in discussions with District Coordinators (DCs) and citizens from within your state to understand the problems, needs and demands, and prioritizing those issues. SCs will also be managing and moderating posts made in the forum by people from their corresponding districts. DCs and other members in different teams for their state can be appointed by SCs.

District coordinators
Several coordinators from different district will function under state coordinators to work in a separate team to develop state plans and district level plans, and devise implementation strategies. You will be required to involve in discussions with people operating within your district to understand the problems, needs and demands, and putting forward your views on prioritizing all those. DCs will also be managing and moderating posts made in the forum by people from their corresponding districts. Responsibility in building networks within the district also lies with the DCs.

Political Research Team
Political research team will be required to do secondary research on the political issues prevailing in a state/centre. You will be required to do data based analysis or qualitative analysis of the political affairs in a state or at the centre. This can be electoral studies (studying poll results) or follow through the history of the political parties and their current state and actions. This will be required to objectively communicate with people, with the backing of facts and reasoning, about the efforts taken by political parties in meeting their stated objectives.

Networking Team
The primary responsibility of networking team is to develop networks of people and manage promotions through online and offline modes, in line with marketing team's initiatives.

Advisory Members
The advisory members will be the eminent personalities with experience in such different dimensions so as to offer their guidance and expertise in the overall functioning. They are also required to play a crucial role in devising drafts, after considering people's needs and demands, which will be required to be presented to political parties well before polls. We invite Professors, members from different social and private organizations and social activists to join for achieving common goals.

Citizens, in general, are the power for whom the entire team would work. Your responsibility lies in owning up your individual and social responsibility in the development of the society you live in. You are expected to participate in bringing out issues and suggest solutions. Your responsibility also lies in involving more and more people in every day discussions to better the numbers involved in the process backing those reforms.

Note: Every role will have multiple people to share responsibility so that only one individual is preferably in no way over burdened.

How to Apply?

You can apply to any one or more of these by sending an email to with the subject as the profile name and the mail content with the role you are looking at. Send in your resume if you have some experience on the profile selected or otherwise just send in a document as an attachment with the reason why that profile interests you and whatever little experience or knowledge you have on that. If you have any queries, thoughts or suggestion, then click here to Reach Us.