India Against Corruption

April 16, 2011 at 19:15 pm

Right after we saw the demonstration of nationalism by the Indians in the form of celebration and jubilation for the cricket world cup; the issue of corruption sticking to the mind of all Indians came out as a collective cry of the wounded. What the citizens of our country are facing is political slavery - just as we were enslaved by the British. Corruption demeans individual dignity. Yet again the ultimate Gandhian tool of peaceful protest for freedom has come to our rescue.

The Indians have had a heavy dose of corruption in the recent past-2G Scam, CWG, Adarsh Housing Scams, there are numerous other 'mini' ones involving municipal bodies and lower level babus. Public faith in government institutions has deteriorated to the lowest ebb. Responding to all this, veteran social activist Anna Hazare launched his fast- unto-death campaign and demanded the government constitute a joint committee comprising government officials and civilians to frame a fresh Lokpal Bill to tackle corruption realistically. What the government presented as their version of the law-first promised four decades ago -is toothless. Hazare ignited the issue of corruption and it spread like wildfire, encompassing students, professionals, social activists, housewives and so on. Government always fears a mass movement. And Anna's wave took the nation in its sweep. To our great relief and satisfaction, people of India stood together against this menace which has plagued India. This was one of the most peaceful agitations.

World over India hurt its image because of corruption. May be this movement and such legislation could alter its image to some extent. There is definitely an appalling need for a stringent anti-corruption legislation. There must also be a commitment to deliver the law with sufficient transparency. Lokpal should have the power to ask a person to step down if it concludes there is misconduct on part of the politician or bureaucrat. No one should be spared if found guilty. There should be a zero- tolerance phenomenon for corruption.

Anna has promised that his fight has just begun and that he will not rest until the Lokpal Bill is passed in the way it should. Fight for the rest of us, especially the youth, is going to be much longer. But in Anna's success, we can see a lot of hope for the future of our country. It gave us a lot of positive energy. We must channelise it and not let it go unbridled.

To support the cause "India Against Corruption", give missed call @ 02261550789 (free) 25 lac missed calls required - only 5 lac done so far. Doing so, Government will be pushed to pass people's Anti-corruption Law.

The initiative is taken by noted social activist Anna Hazare.

Support the cause. You will also receive an SMS acknowledging your call right away.

Make yourself count, make yourself matter. We want to see INDIA matter!!

Shilpi Sharma
Masters in Human Rights, Masters in Commerce, Diploma in Business Management


  • Jitendra wrote:

    This is very good article.I would request to everyone please spend some time to read this article completly and spend some time for our India.If you can't do any thing please make a miss call at above no. Thanks Indian Matters for sharing this article with us. Thanks, Jitendra

  • IM wrote:

    Thanks for appreciating. We extend our support to Anna Hazare wholeheartedly for all the work he has done so far and will continue to support him and India Against Corruption in all their endaviours and also look to work in tandem with them in times to come. We beckon all Indians to come together and support efforts from India Against Corruption and Indian Matters!

  • namita wrote:

    it was a single ring followed by an instant sms recognizing the support offered !! simple yet splendid feeling.... A feeling of being connected to this revolution.... i think everyone should become a part of this ! it would be great to have a country free of corruption! where we can be proud in every manner to be citizens of this great country.... JAI HIND !! this is just the beginning of a long battle ! earnestly needed battle !

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