Lead the Change

Most people do want to learn a lot. But do you believe in this, "I don't only want to learn a lot, I want to contribute a lot too"? Don't know if you do, but one obviously should do. In fact, if one can learn to contribute, the contribution can help you learn. That's the give and take process which never stops. And with IM it's a chance to both contribute and learn in a unique way. Be the Change!

Being a Lead for a City or an educational institution (school/college), one can be an active member working on different tasks which helps groom your personality, makes you outspoken and builds confidence in your abilities. It gives you the kind of opportunities to involve in some innovative thinking and sheds off any ineffectual behaviour by getting on with the implementation of ideas. The good thing about this learning is that while we learn to better ourselves, it also importantly helps lift the atmosphere among the masses, leads socio-economic change at the grassroots level and sensitise people for all facets of life. Yes, you can do it, may it be directly leading to it or indirectly. Learn how we will.

Indirectly Contributing and Learning

Directly Contributing and Learning

Working on 'Means' to the 'End' Working to achieve the 'End' in itself You are the hope of many, be it your parents or be it those destitute, but most importantly become a hope for your own 'self' by bring inside (yourself) the change. Way forward? It's left to you.

Hope you come and see the difference.

Indian Matters

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