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January 18, 2011 at 9:23 pm

We have been plagued on far too many fronts and have ever since been trying to jump away and change our own path traveled to avoid these hardships. But with corruption and lack of accountability spreading its wings, all that has happened is made us miserable and made day to day life difficult to operate. How so ever much you may try to evade this, you always find these issues inhibiting your progress. It's now time where we need to sit down and do a self assessment to make us accountable for our own actions and free ourselves from corruption, if any, prevalent with in us and in our lives.

Indian Matters is here to reinforce the realization within individuals to see themselves in better light and for that in turn to show in your confidence and efficiency at work. To achieve this it is important to remove a lot of roadblocks around us, most importantly the road blocks created by our own self.

India, we have to understand that religion is a very sensitive issue here and we have in the past got swayed away by the politicians, the extremist groups working within or outside our borders and other external forces trying to dampen the process of our growth. The result has always been growing tensions between different religious groups of people. We have to realize that it is more often than not only the external sources which act as driving force for such irrational behaviour displayed by us. You can only be called a mature and groomed Indian civilian if you show some civic sense and follow your civic duty. And this holds true irrespective of which religious group you are a follower of. Religion is only a path to reach to the god or connect ourselves to it. By going about doing violent unruly acts, you are only moving away from your destination.

Promise yourself that you are not going to let this happen to our big Indian community and that you would not bring shame and pain to us. Promise that you will make every effort to help spread the serenity in this modern India by your own everyday actions and take a step forward to spread the right thought so as to make it prevalent in our value systems. Wish you all the best, wish India all the best.

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