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What IM expects from Indian Nationals?

January 31, 2011 at 5:05 pm

It’s now been 5 days since we started our campaign and we observed a trend here. On the republic day, it was seen that enormous number of people turned up on Facebook on pages like Help Five Million Indian Flags Fly on Facebook by August 15th , India, etc.. Page after page filled expressing love for the Indian nation. But is this love restricted to just 365-2 = 363 days? Is saying ‘Proud of India’, ‘India meri jaan’ or ‘I wish I could see better development in India’ enough? Is this Nationalism or just a plain indulgence in Social Display of Affection (SDA)? Do you know what forms part of your responsibilities? What should you do to be a true associate of your country? Why India should be happy to have a young population of close to 60%? The answer is that a young population is expected to be vibrant to attend to the issues of productivity and self sufficiency. There is another key factor that younger generation plays and that is critical in influencing policy decisions of the government. For the same we need more involvement of our people. We are also expected to be high on energy and creativity which can also be used to see a better socially developed country that India need to be. These are the prime areas of IM’s focus. Yes, we need to inculcate the attitude to be IM.

Indian Matters got to grow in magnitude to achieve anything substantial in what it has so far sought to do. At the same time, we are not satisfied with its scope at present and hope to widen it with your participation. For the same reason, each one of you needs to play an important role. We expect your involvement in some ways.

1. First thing we need to do is to involve in reading through issues as they will help evolve your ideology and make more aware of the issues. It is equally important to show that you are involved with us by giving your opinions and feelings on matters and by participating in 'Talk About It' discussions. Your ideas, feelings, thoughts and inputs only will lead those conclusions that'll be drawn. You need to be an active participant. People generally jump on an already baked cake to add to its taste but very few help cook it. So we've got to be initiators and not wait for others.

2. Without feeling any inhibition, make people aware of IM by personally communicating about this, or supporting it through social websites to get it to people’s notice. Every one interested must come to the web portal and submit the form on Reach Us section so that we know how many Indians are out there who believe in this and will be around for our future endeavours.

3. Social Orgs will begin to get listed. Here, we got to understand that the scope of work in NGOs is much larger than just social work. Volunteers get to work in different ways which brings out their creativity. There is different kind of work like for working in Communications department where you get to communicate with International donor agencies, Finances management, Planning department and the involvement in social development at the grassroots level.

We expect you to get involved in these for your own and societal developments.

4. Being a part of IM, you can become a Lead of the city and take up awareness campaigns in your area by involving more people with you and distributing leaflets to tell people more about our work and philosophy.

5. You can work as a Journalist by submitting articles in your name. These articles can be written on National issues, community development or social development related issues in India. Moreover, you can write on matters you come across in your own city and even other inspirational stories.

It's for our development and for the development of the Indian nation. We wouldn't want the tag of a 3rd world country. Let us start mobilizing by working out our thoughts and our on ground actions. In future, we intend to increase our scope to take up the issues with the right authorities with the involvement & backing of IM’s people. So the conclusions out of discussions could be pushed forward to the respective authorities which owns the issue. Come, let us be a force to be reckoned with.