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Writing is a critical art where a lot has to be put into before it can be put forth. For the same reason there are certain things which have to be made a part of writing. So when you write on an issue, to give the art its due, there are a few components to which utmost care should be given. These are enumerated below.

  1. The Matter: An in-depth study of the matter which includes study of not just the event, but also of what precedes that and the events post the main event.
  2. Emotions: The author has to get into the issue so much that unless he/she feels strongly about the case, the writing should not be taken up. Unless you are moved to realize the intensity of a wrong doing, you can't put it across with that same intensity on the paper.
  3. Attacking the source of the problem: Finding the source and the people concerned managing that source is paramount. To put forth things in front of the public, "What, why and how" is important. The 'why' component is what needs to be attacked at in order to curb the untoward incidents.
  4. Finding a solution: If possible, if you see a solution to the problem that can be pushed upfront. If this is something which is so politically entangled that we aren't able to find its nerve ending, we aim to leave the people with an impact in their minds of the need to change something so that when the opportunity comes their way, they take the path ahead.
  5. Developing a Clean Culture: In our writings, the idea is to set-up a wave of issues which go on to clean from the minds the dust of lethargy, lackadaisical attitude leaving behind purer soul and mind. This is the key to the development of individuals and hence of the nation as a whole.
  6. Writing Ideology: The articles must be concise and precise. By concise we don't mean them to be short, they shouldn't be unnecessarily extended for the sake of word length.

Note: It is your responsibility that the article is not picked up from another source and placed here. We consider these articles to be indigenously written by you. Any such wrong act can lead to a legal action directly against the author only.

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