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Pollution Control certificate for Vehicles - Only a tax generation avenue?

IM View Point

Today I went to get a Pollution control certificate for my vehicle. As I saw a shop nearby a petrol pump with the board of government stamp for pollution check and control, I asked the guy to do it. He clicked the flick of bikeís number plate and handed over to me a certificate with random value within limits of emission. I asked him when and how did you check the pollution level or carbon emission and what is its level......He replied bluntly Not Required!!!!!! Amazed, when I insisted, he said machine was not working. I asked for my money and tried to hand back the certificate to him...but he refused.

Itís not just about money, itís about us. Why people like me accept this? Why canít we have an easy way to catch them and act on them? Why these kind of businesses are still running openly on National Highway......why India is not a less corrupt a state?......and above all, do we need a super hero to control pollution or corruption?????

These questions need to be answered. There are several vehicles, especially autos and trucks, out their on roads which visibly release obnoxious gases, and still end up getting controlled pollution certificates. But itís more about stopping bikes and gulping in a lot of money by the policemen.

Created by: Chitresh Saraswat

Discussions Open

  • Animesh wrote:

    Yes, even I have faced very similar situation and thought the same that how we are openly being made fool of. I just hate to land in such a situation. Can we ever fix such issues and many others alike?

  • Chitz wrote:

    Guys, This is not about policy or some law. this is about us that what should we do if are into this kind a situation....what we can do is we need to ask the guy check properly or we can ask him to write the reading on paper and cross verify....defaulter cases are need to be reported and now government play a role to cancel license or sumthing...... First of all we need to be more responsible from our side. At least we should promise ourselves that we are not gonna part of any kind of corruption, even if it may be bribing those traffic policemen........ better pay more (chalan). I think paying more money is better option then losing respect in our and our kids eyes......

  • IM wrote:

    I agree with you Chitz, it's a lot more about us. The problem is not the revenue collection if that can be put back to use for pollution control and environment protection. What is important is to see if a vehicle is visibly releasing gases visibly, the vehicle be taken under control and booked irrespective of it has a valid pollution certificate or not. This case of certificate provider should also be outlined and guilty should be punished. But for now, lets just make an effort from our side, and to report such cases of corrupt certificate providers to the police. We will atleast be able to put the police under bracket to take action.

  • Amit wrote:

    We can report this in pollution control department [Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)]

  • Surabhi wrote:

    you can lodge a complain.. i'm hoping for a big change after the lokpal bill comes in ... i hope it becomes as active and a strong sector like the RTI and the consumer courts... It will be the best thing for us indians.. and that will be i guess our only last hope.. otherwise.. reading news about 2G scams n all will be a day to ady thing...

  • india is not a corrupt ..... but its people are.... see in this very example the guy says he handed over the money FIRST and then asked for certificate ..... see this is corruption... he could have asked him to get the levels checked and then paid..... PS : this is not blame game just a view point...

  • Nikhil wrote:

    It is due to the slackness attitude of our government and the people of India,which rebukes the system and then called the system rebuked. Just analyse why this has happened,there must be someone who have once paid for fake pollution certificate,from where a person start giving fake ceritficate or certificates without checking. they don't realise how harmful it would be, it is the change of attitude first we needs to bring in and as said- You are holding a life's torch and it is your responsibility to lighten it as bright as you can and then handover to next generation.

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