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In a large democratic society, especially when it is as big as the world's largest democracy, it becomes difficult to have people on the same platform to know about their opinions. Resultantly, decisions are taken in a more and more undemocratic manner. By expanding this to as many people, we aim to get different views on those matters and draw comprehensive conclusions, which will then be observed for your majority.

Talk About It! won't just get us to realize what most of us agree with but also to set our ideologies or the understanding of the issues right. This way it will also help to see the other unknown sides of these issues or know different perspectives which may just alter your views for the better. Keeping every one at sync only converges our thoughts into some concentrated positive actions.

So, talk about it, on issues initiated by IM or on some of those initiated by you.

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Will IM make an impact?

IM View Point

There is no simple answer like a Yes or a No to this. We may make a larger positive impact or a meager one. All depends on how we approach it and make the moves forward. The most important are our intensions and the need to better by reflecting on the ideas to make a larger impact. Ideas evolve and with it the actions. IM will reinvigorate to reach out and chew over on the path followed to align the way forward for the attainment of goals.

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  • Kirti wrote:

    IM seems to be a very sincere effort. It may take some time for it to make an impact but the efforts will not go unheard of or unnoticed. It is not an easy job to bring together people from various fields to one platform. But slowly and steadily it will definitely gain momentum.

  • We all are very much positive regarding this....Tommorow will be our first step stone towards it. We are proceeding with Positive hopes.just recquire support of you all. Happy Republic Day......Jai Hind

  • IM is a initiative for bringing the masses the unheard and unnoticed topics so that they could be known to the problems of India.It is a good start for making social activist ,common people nd journalist come together to talk on social issues concerning the development of the country.

  • yagya wrote:

    yes it will bring a change and a positive one. At least i am too positive about it. It has already started changing people because i am not surfing the website for cocktail recipes or latest tinsel town gossips but looking for a platform to help out people in need. I consider myself lucky to be a doctor and i would love to give something back to society

  • swanand wrote:

    ya its quite hard to get al on one platform.. Bt let us try... Bcoz v do want a change... And the youth is source for it...!! v wl start ur work..! And v wl do matter sn....

  • ramendra wrote:

    in present time in india nothing will matter whether it is a website or society, because we are not a country but we are united states of india, we are divided by many things first we required to grow up from the self, state , area and caste then only things like im will matter.

  • IM wrote:

    Mr. Ramendra, you are dead right. First think beyond the matters that create divisiveness among us. It's good that you understand what are the most important reasons behind the state of affairs in India because understanding the cause is about half the job done. But, fortunately, this is exactly the Cause to which we are trying to effect a change. IM is not a website only, it is also doing work at the ground level like reaching out to schools, colleges and to different communities to starting seeing ourselves as more of a cohesive unit than to see as different and divided. Reaching out to see that our society not tolerate each other but to respect. And what matter will things like IM have in any way if we start understanding these on our own? May soon the day come that IM has to close down because all the issues are catered to by us, i.e.,Indians.

  • ramendra wrote:

    all who are giving there view points must take the initiative to get the real unity first then talk, people of india are good at talking but not implementing. we will discuss law and order situation but we ourselve will break it in many form. first all of us should become responsible then only we can think of, first say to corruption your self then think about removing corruption

  • yagya wrote:

    @ IM - Well i guess Mr. Ramendra is quite right in putting across the solution of all the problems in simple layman terms. Cleaning best starts at home only. Since I have been putting a lot of emphasis on transforming our attitudes so I will go ahead with the similar methodology, for an instance we all talk that soon water wars will start (actually have started) in all the metropolitan cities of india owing to the water crunch nation is reeling under. Well, stop growling now and invest something towards water security of your family. Install roof-top water harvesting and believe me we might think its scarce but there is no dearth of it in the skies. soon our rainy season will fetch us enough that we will stop worrying about ground-water, so much so that it gets recharged like never before.

  • Siddhant wrote:

    Mr. Ramendra, It is easiest to say all negative things and excuse ourselves from not doing anything positive because we assume that it will make no difference.But see the effect of being optimistic and making efforts in whatever good you can do. Say, for example, if you keep on telling yourself that I will not pass in my exam as I have not enough space and time to study, a lot of noise is there in my neighbourhood, examination system is faulty,so on and so forth.... You will never be able to study, lest pass in your exam. The best way is to try and fight all odds and prepare yourself well.You may say that this is for my own self and I would work for it and for myself. But dear who stops you or any other individual to not to be self centered or selfish. It is our very nature. The request is just to use the right means.If each individual progresses, the nation would progress itself. And mind you, speaking positively and spreading the message of doing things in the right way will have an effect, though it may be slow. We cannot stop corruption all together in one go but should definitely raise our voice against it and cast our vote against it. By doing so, we show that today's generation wants a change and join your hands for it. WE can start by deciding not to follow such practices our self. Nothing will happen be cribbing dear. Speech has great power. Do not underestimate it.

  • i think egypt is the answer to many a question posed in here. if the people there and elsewhere in the arab world,,,, ( a conservative society) can overthrow a " taana shah " then i think we indians too can take steps towards reforms... can't we...???? and i believe that if each one of us today pledges to reform ourselves then for sure india would be cleansed....

  • IM wrote:

    Aashish, we surely need reforms in a number of areas, no question over that. How we go about those is important and we need to move forward on those. And we all need to pledge to reform ourselves in such a way that we back every right intention, right effort and work to upgrade ourselves to make India and its people better. IM, with the help of its people will push for the same.

  • surabhi wrote:

    it can bring positive changes, only if we act and YES,it is an initiative for us to act together... but to implement our new ideas, all we need to do is to change ourSELVES, our attitudes....we all have to unite and act accordingly....

  • IM wrote:

    Yes, indeed. It's an initiative to come together with such force and more importantly, in the direction it needs to be. Attitudinal changes are the most significant changes that we can drive in ourselves and people around us. That's why we are not trying to push forward only for Social development, we aim to bring about an ideological revamp in our nation. Rest will follow. Everyone there, we are going to have some very interesting campaigns all across the country in times which will be drives to get people acquainted about all of this. COME, join in the evolution.

  • indian matters is going for a presentation on this sunday the 20th of feb 2011 at UIET south campus PU at 3 pm... all those in chandigarh please make sure to attend this one....

  • tuhina wrote:


  • IM wrote:

    Yes, we will!

  • yagya wrote:

    @ IM. heard about your ongoing campaigning in chandigarh. My best wishes to your team. I am damn sure you will get a few very motivated and a number of curious members out there. who knows a new revolution starts from the city beautiful. AMEN.

  • look what two 5th class students have done here in Chandigarh.. weeks back these two kids were strolling in the nearby park in sector 27 wen they found that the MC is changing the plates on the road berms which were alright and need not be changed ... they went back discussed with their parents and have filed a petition against the MC in the high court ... the next hearing is on 5th or 6th of march... kudos to u guys... bless ya.. !!!!!! :)

  • IM wrote:

    What brilliant work this is. Most remarkable thing here is that they noticed it which basically goes to show that too much of corruption has made even young kids also aware of what it is. That's why they were proactive to question MC. We definitely have a generation of people coming, who if catered to well will help India blossom. Hope they make India matter. But we can't wait!

  • Hiten wrote:

    well i have heard abt the deed of the 5th cls students in chd.... had read abt it in the paper... indeed a heroic wrk...

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