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In a large democratic society, especially when it is as big as the world's largest democracy, it becomes difficult to have people on the same platform to know about their opinions. Resultantly, decisions are taken in a more and more undemocratic manner. By expanding this to as many people, we aim to get different views on those matters and draw comprehensive conclusions, which will then be observed for your majority.

Talk About It! won't just get us to realize what most of us agree with but also to set our ideologies or the understanding of the issues right. This way it will also help to see the other unknown sides of these issues or know different perspectives which may just alter your views for the better. Keeping every one at sync only converges our thoughts into some concentrated positive actions.

So, talk about it, on issues initiated by IM or on some of those initiated by you.

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55 paise a day is the budget for anganwadi kid's meal

IM View Point

In an anganwadi, a government sponsored child-care and mother-care center in India, the Tamil Nadu government raised a kid's per day meal fund allocation from 44 paise to 55 paise, under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS). In essence, Government provides just Rs.22-/- for meals per day for 40 anganwadi children. The fact is that the allocation for supplementary nutrition programme is not linked with consumer price index. This means that the budget set for these schemes has a lot lesser funds at its disposal than it seems like.

It has also come to knowledge that states including Assam, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur and Bihar have not been able to give supplementary nutrition to children regularly because of inflation while others have downgraded to dry rations instead of hot cooked meals. Hence, they were unable to satisfy demands for supplementary nutrition under the ICDS. The result is higher malnutrition and higher infant mortality rate. That's why we are even worse than Sub-saharan countries like Sudan. We are the worst in the world. Just because most of us who are reading this don't see such abject poverty and malnutrition, are we going to do nothing about this?

We seek your thoughts, emotions and ideas here to fix Indian matters. We need you to support, work with us and stay connected. Promise you, we are going to make an impact and you are going to enjoy the biggest challenge in the world, Change India for a better India!

Source: TOI

Created by: NEERAJ GUPTA

Discussions Open

  • In the 2010-11 budget, 924 crore was provided to TN for nutrition programmes but still it lags behind in implementing the ICDS scheme.

  • IM wrote:

    Indian government is not sincere to fight against these problems and its globalization and economic policies only worked in favor of these problems and increased them manifolds. Report shows us that Indian government is taking food grains as a product and profit gaining is its ultimate motive. Balanced diet is the fundamental right of every human being. Indian government is reluctant to accept this responsibility to provide proper diet and nutrition to every citizen. As a result more than three crore population of India fell into the hell like conditions of poverty and hunger during 1998-2008 sessions. More than 45 percent children are born with less than sufficient weight. India is struggling with hunger and Indian states: Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Chhattisgarh are compared with Burundi and Rwanda of Africa.

  • There are so many loopholes in the PDS system also. The food grains are getting rotten day by day in the godown. The grains which were meant to reach the poor are being sold in the market.

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