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In a large democratic society, especially when it is as big as the world's largest democracy, it becomes difficult to have people on the same platform to know about their opinions. Resultantly, decisions are taken in a more and more undemocratic manner. By expanding this to as many people, we aim to get different views on those matters and draw comprehensive conclusions, which will then be observed for your majority.

Talk About It! won't just get us to realize what most of us agree with but also to set our ideologies or the understanding of the issues right. This way it will also help to see the other unknown sides of these issues or know different perspectives which may just alter your views for the better. Keeping every one at sync only converges our thoughts into some concentrated positive actions.

So, talk about it, on issues initiated by IM or on some of those initiated by you.

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Death for some and Tamasha for others

IM View Point

Manas Chakravarthy of Hindustan Times wrote this on 26th March:

"If you run over a guy in your car, that would be active killing. But if you see somebody bleeding to death and don't take him to hospital, thats Passive killing."

As another woman gets thrown off the train, this time an athlete for resisting robbery, in front of a passive crowd, the question needs to be asked is shouldn't passive killing be proclaimed to be as condemnable as active killing?

People fail to understand that someday they can be found wanting in a similar situation while others around stand as passive participants of your killing. And to break out of this jinks, every person has to have this realisation and act at that time making use of their strength, i.e., people in numbers.

Created by: Mahesh

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  • Varun wrote:

    We have seen a lot of this here in India in real life and movies in which goonda(s) take away lives of people in front of a passive crowd and none of those come forward to speak up against the accused (more often, accused can't be identified). We need to use the power of people to come together at the spot and take action against the culprit. Its a fact that one or two people may not carry the strength to do something, but if we can ignite others too join the rebellion right there, results will be there for everyone to see.

  • IM wrote:

    People should also read through the article on Speak Up - कहो, बोलो, say it ..... at here.

  • mahesh wrote:

    we do have problem in our attitudes, in the sense that we see something wrong being, we know its wrong, we feel its wrong and yet when it comes to doin something about it, we shy away. more often than not, its only the first step thats required, you just have to give an initial thrust and support follows. we are reluctant to lead!!

  • nikhil wrote:

    it was a tragic incident... it could have been avoided if...she had not resisted those people... but she did ! some 11,000 Railway Protection Force posts lie vacant as these and similar other tragedies keep happening... if railway passengers were safeguarded by such RPF personnels , these incidents could be avoided...but they are not ! and as mahesh, amit and varun wrote.... mute spectators ! i believe there should have been some more casualties,if it were needed but more importantly the accused people should have been resisted , even if,say, not stopped !! so that even after escaping they would have nightmares before planning to repeat such an act of insanity and sheer inhumanity !!! BUT no body else even got a scratch! so who is responsible ? who ALL ?? ask ur own conscience ... if u were there wud u hv reacted??or NOT??

  • namita wrote:

    my mom alws taught me tht being a girl i shud avoid troubles . she wud tell me " dnt reply to comments passed if its a lonely place, but if its a public place, reply back . n gather ppl to teach a lesson to those miscreants ! " i wonder what she wud hv to say after this !!! it was a public place n she cudnt get any support ! nikhil asked us to question ourselves something.. i guess i wud hv done wt Arunima Sinha did. and if i were amongst the passengers i wud hv,despite bein a girl, reacted ! one has to be really cold blooded / dead to not react at such times of crisis to a fellow person ! she was a 23 yr old girl travellin in a train ... it cud b any of us ! any day....!

  • Chitresh wrote:

    Yeah we need to change our attitude but is this possible?? If someone stand up and try to help her what will be the news a guy and a gal thrown out of the compartment or many more. Can we stop all this.....yes we can but how?? Always carrying a gun with you or forget about you life and career because what we need to become a Super Hero........ This is responsibility of government to stop such thing, Police is there and other medium set up for this but if system is malfunctioned we don't need to blame people inside the boggie or term them as passive killer or something. This is the high time when we all group together and tell system to correct itself else we have history of revolutions.............

  • mahesh wrote:

    I think the least we can do is promise ourselves two things: 1. We will not stand passive, when anything of this nature happens in front of us. 2. (even more important ask) To treat women/girls at par and with respect. I mean, When Namita's mom has to emphasize " being a girl" things, in such cases, we know we are going wrong at a very fundamental level

  • Fnds everyone wants to help.. but they are actually worried about the consequences that may happen with them in future. I tell u abt a story for the same. A fnd of mine in Delhi helped a person who was bleeding in accident. The injuries was not much but the person injured was old. By that time they take him to hospital that person collapsed. The police arrived and put all blame on my fnd. He paid Rs 50000 to the police to get rid of the trouble. So this actually happens when u help someone. Even giving a lift to someone may invite trouble. Even another incident on Mughal Sarai station where a child was begging a fnd and his family were having there lunch offered some roti and sabji to that beggar. After 5 minutes 2-3 people came and said that u poisoned our son. The son was in there arms. They paid 1000rs to get rid of the trouble. So people are afraid of all such situation. And more over the robbers may b having arms etc so better not to fight or resist and give them money or things they want. Its of no use to fight with anyone on public places. Better suffer financial losses than physical losses. If even the culprits are caught will they be able to give the legs or anything that is harmed. Even the govt will offer some thousand or lacs of rupees which may also not be given and will remin only on papers. My fnds even the soldiers and elderly people have to bribe to get pension or insurance money that we are just common people. I know this is really very negative but this is reality and specially in big cities things are like this.

  • IM wrote:

    @ yashendra, what you said is absolutely right. We have plenty of problems and so bad that each compete the other to be the worst. That's the kind of competition but in wrong sphere. We believe that corruption follows top-down approach since if top official or the boss gets involved in malpractices, then he/she loses the right/power to punish the culprit lower down the hierarchy. Moreover, corruption also puts pressure on the juniors. For eg, when a new police officer has to pay money to even get into the job before he can start earning, it turns him straight away into a malpractitioner. So the cycle goes on. Knowing this, we need to fix the positions in power and everything else will be worked out. That's why we are working on bringing political accountability. Support our efforts by working with us.

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