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In a large democratic society, especially when it is as big as the world's largest democracy, it becomes difficult to have people on the same platform to know about their opinions. Resultantly, decisions are taken in a more and more undemocratic manner. By expanding this to as many people, we aim to get different views on those matters and draw comprehensive conclusions, which will then be observed for your majority.

Talk About It! won't just get us to realize what most of us agree with but also to set our ideologies or the understanding of the issues right. This way it will also help to see the other unknown sides of these issues or know different perspectives which may just alter your views for the better. Keeping every one at sync only converges our thoughts into some concentrated positive actions.

So, talk about it, on issues initiated by IM or on some of those initiated by you.

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Post AIEEE leak, the question is 'Is Education only a money game?'

IM View Point

'If you are competent enough to win through the competition and have money, you can have education. It's as simple as that.í But now, the lines seems to have changed. 'If you have money, you can access education.' Thatís what has been happening with education now - a lot more of money affair than knowledge. With growing number of back door openings like management quota, NRI quota and other hidden avenues, degrees are more and more about money.

But now, it has gone even beyond that. The only few channels available for hard working meritorious students are getting choked for even more reasons like leaking of examination paper. Latest of those high profile cases is that of AIEEE's leaked paper on 1st May in Uttar Pradesh. There was another of IIT entrance test that happened in 1997 too. These are some of those instances when the culprits were nabbed in time, but that doesn't happen most times. Who's going to keep students motivated this way?

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  • Nitesh wrote:

    The system has gone so corrupt (now hate using this word) that some of the remaining doors are also choked for good students. This is very demotivating. And add on to that things like reservation. Do we really have the right to Education? Jitendra, I agree that the people should be given capital punishment because they are playing on the lives of plenty, and perhaps, many do suicide too.

  • namita wrote:

    its terrible for such a thing to happen wth prestigious exams like IIT or AIEEE. and this scenario is present at almost evry step... even if u have a degree wth gud percentage getting job is another hurdle. people wth fake degrees / contacts / money grab the posts and more qualified students r left out.

  • This is not only about JEE or AIEEE, in India it has happened in other competitions too. Additionally, what do u say when someone is in a college and a company visits ur campus for recruitment ...and that guy and his friends manage the question paper from other colleges and crack the test and are forwarded in the recruitment process? Well... at that time it becomes a fair game... because we need a jobbbb.!!

  • Rusha wrote:

    I am completely agreeing with Vivek. The same thing happens when a student manages the class test or semester exam paper from teachers and gets good grade in the exam. That time we called it suggestions and when the same thing happened in any national level exam we called it leaking of paper. The main concern is the mentality of the students. They should be honest enough so that if someone gives them the paper without any repay, they should say that they do not need it beforehand. Then only this type of problem will be reduced. And also to the others who are selling the papers, please do not use these shortcuts for minting money.

  • Fnds its useless to discuss all this....We all know there is corruption everywhere whether its IIT, IIM, AIEEE or else where....Already reservation have choked the entrance gate for meritous students, these paper leaks chokes it further. All the entrance exams for the govt post are either reserved or biased. We really cant do anything about all this believe me except writing posts or debating. Even protests doesnt matter, u cud easily see the reservation issue against which lot many students committed suicide and still the reserved seats are increasing day by day. So all these posts regarding corruption, paper leaks, reservations and anything else is waste. The best way is to accept it and be a part of it...jahan mauka mile wahan tum bhi chauka oppurtunist...because corruption is now a enjoy it and become corrupt......

  • Chitz wrote:

    Now a very important point is do we need to think about capital punishment for every kind of चोरी. Why still we think so immaturely that we always wasting our time in discussing the punishment and ultimately no reforms. I think we need a Super-Hero!!!!!!!!!

  • IM wrote:

    Chitz, we all together can be hero, we don't need a super hero here. What I just said is not an in the air comment. IM means it. And it's very much possible. IM is coming up with a tool, a way, to plug all these issues together. This will also answer Yashendtra, We are working to build something substantial, a tool, which will help Indians to club loopholes of our political system by building accountability of the parties and the government. This concept will be useful not just for Indian democratic system as a whole but also in other institutions like colleges where politics play a role. Moreover, this will also given an average Indian citizen an opportunity to create demand as per the urgency and need of the respective region they live in.

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