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Not so known Indian Leader (read 'non-political')

September 08, 2011 at 11:15 pm

Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, a social activist, ventured out to protect thousands of trafficked women & children. She started an organisation named Prajwala to provide a safe haven to those saved. Her efforts have rescued children from all kinds of sexual exploitation, incestuous rape, sex tourism, abuse in pornographic movies and brothel-based prostitution. What is important to learn is that rescuing girls is not a safe business and she has lost a lot herself in her efforts to save others. Today, she can no longer hear from her right ear, and that she has been beaten up during interventions more than a dozen times. All this clearly signifies that in spite of all odds, she has persisted with the fight. She has without doubt emerged as a true leader.

There is an argument which is often heard: Leaders are born or are they made? It is worth contemplating how Dr. Sunitha emerged as a strong leader. Her background has an answer. When she was a teen ager, just 15 years old, she was gang raped by 8 men. The incident left her with a lot of anger and added to her will to fight against any such exploitation to any woman. She started making her efforts and continued to make adapt to adversities. She ended up meeting another like-minded person, Brother Jose Vetticatil, a missionary and opened a transition school at the vacated brothel itself to prevent the second generation from being trafficked. One event lead to another and today more than 5000 children have benefitted from the second generation prevention programme and also has rescued over 2500 victims. She also realised that men can be made part of the moment to sensitize them first up and then make them a direction for others to follow. It leaves me with a thought that every human being is blessed with brains and can easily make inroads in whatever one may put their heart in to produce some extra ordinary results.

Dr. Sunitha exhibited Transformational Leadership by not only transforming her own life after the tragic incidence but also continues to transform lives of thousands of women and children who becomes victims of trafficking. This is how leaders are made.

Know more about her and how she thinks through her blog:-

Varun Kapil


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