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Are Police-Wallas the Law enforcers or Law Breakers?

May 16, 2012 at 08:15 am

I recently had two incidences which really shook the myth that I was carrying with respect to the Police. I was living with a misconception that functioning of the Police department has improved and now runs better.

I am not suggesting that all the Police wallas are like this but I am sure many of them are. Recently, on not so fine a morning I lost my mobile and the very next day I had a minor accident while I drove my car. I had to apply instant brakes as a bicycle came in front. Suddenly I was struck from behind by a car that was driven by a Police man. I was really annoyed to be hit on my new car and I simply told him the reason why I had to apply the brakes. But instead of realizing his mistake he started abusing in his desi language and said "jise phone karna hai karle, aur apni gaadi ka number bata aur dekh ab kya hota hai" (call whosoever you want to, and tell your car number and see what happens), while he tried using his hand on me. I had to approach higher authorities to sort out the matter.

What I demanded here was a simple sorry from him, that's it. Though he finally agreed to his mistake but again stressed "jo karna hai karle" (do whatever you want to do), even though everyone said "road pe accident to ho hi jate hain, rehne do case kya karna hai dono ka nuksaan hua hai " (accidents happen on road, leave filing case when both have endured loss). When the Police officer said no one can shout on a policeman made me realize that the rules here are different for civilians and police wallas. You can not even ask for the compensation from a police officer.

Next day I was supposed to go to Police station to lodge an FIR for the lost mobile. The general tendency here is police officers ask for money before lodging a complaint or FIR. Though this is wrong but I was ready to shell out 100 -200 Rs seeing the previous day's incident. I went to a different police station and asked the person concerned to lodge a complaint for the mobile lost, and his reply abruptly came as "take money aur pehle do bottle pani le aa" (take money and first get me two bottles of water). After that he asked me to get milk packet from a nearby shop, just the way we used to see in a program Office-office. When I did these tasks for him, he then asked me to go to his junior to file complaint who was sleeping on the duty hours without uniform. The policeman replied "iska pehle affidavit banega court se fir kaam hoga" (first an affidavit will have to be made from court). I really felt who are we?? Are we paying for being common people? I really feel that corruption at grass root level survives because of such police stations, where ideally it should end. Who are the real gundas in the society, these police wallas or the ones who thrive because of these.

One thing I realized that only approach (Jaan-Pehchan) works in India. A big change is required. Are the Policemen 'Law enforcement agents' or the 'law breakers'? I don't know what changes are required in India and what's the root cause of all this and how can we make the change happen but at this point I am really annoyed.

Sumit Arora
MBA, B.Pharma


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